Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday we went to Lamb's Down Park Festival at the Canadian Sheep Grower's Cooperative. Watched a sheep shearing, and got a fleece. Mmmmm...yummy, lanoliny fleece. Can't wait to scour it and spin it up!

Met with a very nice gentleman from Ontario Sheep Farmers Association. Nice people, and I hope to help the local sheep community through my business. In Ontario (or elsewhere?) Need a fleece? Give me a shout, and I'll try to get you the breed you are looking for. This might be better organized next year than this year...As a younger spinner (i.e. 34 ish), it struck me that we need to get out and spin in public more. Spinning is NOT a dying art (well, it is a dyeing art, as evidenced by the two hours I spent dyeing this morning...) and there are many of us who will carry on the craft. Spinning and weaving week is in October. I encourage everyone to do something radical, like spin in public that week!

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