Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a week...

Its' been a busy week at OVFA. The Canadian Fibre Box has been a hit. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest or ordered a box. I can't wait to send them out in August! September's main event and I are figuring out which fibers to include.

Quite a few shipments came in, so I need to update the online store. (Edit: Mostly done!)

New additions include:
Cottolin weaving yarns from Louet. Have I mentioned how much I love Louet? Their linen and lined blend yarns, Merlin and Euroflax have me enchanted. My impression is that linen isn't used to it's full potential in North America. I wonder why? Any thoughts?

Wool combs from set is mine, all mine. I have spent the week combing wool while watching Nurse Jackie and Dexter. Really nice, clean line combs. The Dutch know how to make an old tool look modern. Highly recommended. Easier on my wrists than carding (and of course, for a different fiber outcome, too).

Undyed Northern Lights. This would dye up nicely for beginner and intermediate spinners...

More BFL. Some Corriedale.

A new line of professional acid dyes...I am *stealing* some for store use, and the rest are for you.

Wool from my secret fibre farm. Can't share this yet!

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