Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little happy dance projects

I have a special surprise project in the works through OVFA. I should be announcing within a few days on the site, blog and etsy, having lined up my first ducks (or is that sheep)!

I am doing little happy dances about it, as it meets my goals of sharing fiber-y goodness, supporting local (in this case, Canadian-local) farms/artisans, and lets me have a whole pile of fun. Stay tuned.

Have I mentioned I am not good at keeping secrets. Ask my better half Troy, he'll confirm.

In other news, dyed up a bunch of weaving yarn yesterday in shades of plum. I can't decide whether to weave it myself or post to etsy. Also dyed up some Lopi Chunky from Iceland in Killaloe Sunrise (light plum and yellow). Fun, bulky, yarn. I wanted to try dyeing commercially spun yarn since I hadn't yet, and I feel a need to really understand all my products in a range of uses.

Oh yes, apparently our camera is in Switzerland visiting Mozart's birthplace, Salzburg. Should be back Monday. At least I know that I haven't lost my mind or my camera!

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