Monday, July 13, 2009

The thing I love about this job is that as one wheel goes out the door, another arrives to soothe my aching heart.

A double treadle Ashford Joy arrived today. I am still practicing control and have not yet cleverly found excuses to appropriate stock. I am sure I will find a loving home for this wheel. The Little Gem however, is calling...Perhaps it really does need to see BC with me.

*Sigh* So many wheels...

I'm looking forward to quickly flipping through the Ashford Book of
1. Projects
2. Rigid Heddle Weaving
3. Dyeing and
4. Carding
before tidying them away into the stock room. I love the pictures and the info that Ashford authors provide - I wonder what the difference being from the other side of the world makes. I'll have to post reviews as each of these eventually make it into my own library (although they have tended to quickly end up on others' shelves first!).

Speaking of dyes, a large order of Acid dyes will arrive later this week. I'll be able to provide 1 and 2 ounce sizes, as well as urea, citric acid and Synthrapol (a gentle detergent for post dyeing wash). Hopefully the list of colours will be posted by Friday. I'm looking forward to dyeing up some more roving myself.

Now if only I could find my camera and transfer the pictures of the last batch I did: Ode to Monet; Bee Balm and Goldenrod; and Fall Plum. Ana already snapped up the Oceans away...see pic above!

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