Sunday, August 2, 2009

Have yarn, will travel

Our family made it to BC in one piece, and we have a gorgeous view overlooking the ocean in White Rock. The youngest is not enjoying the time change, but other than that, I can't complain. Here's my shoulder wrap that I hope to finish. The yarn is Apple Laine...this is the yarn whose colours inspired me to learn to spin because I wanted texture to match the depth of colour. The colours are Fruit Frappe and Wild Thing.

On the flight over, I read Fiber Gathering, by Joanne Seiff. I've been dy(e)ing to have the time to read this since I got a few copies in stock. Great book, highly recommended if you are a fiberista, fiberholic, or even just getting started in fiber exploration.

For those of us who don't get a chance to travel much (young kids, anyone), or live in Canada where there is not (yet) a culture of huge Fibre Festivals, reading this book is a vicarious way to experience the festivals that bring people who love all that is fiber together.

There is a range of projects (more than 25 of them), from the most basic (apple and knitting needle drop spindle) to the more advanced (gorgeous alpaca ruana). There are also great tutorials on how to paint your own yarn, hook your own rug, and even help out at a sheep shearing.

Overall, if you are a fiber lover and a book lover, this is a book I would recommend for your coffee table. My only disappointment was that it ended too soon. The pictures were great, and I could have managed a book twice as long! But perhaps I am just greedy and should wait for a sequel...

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