Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knit Green, Spin Local, Weave for sanity!

This Canadian Thanksgiving weekend I am sticking my nose into Joanne Seif's new book "Knit Green". It's all about knitting with the environment in mind, and it really jives with my value system. Some of the patterns are even on Ravelry!

If you've read past entries, you'll now that I am spending less time on "business" and more time on creative endeavors. The next step of this change in orientation in make my creative time good for the environment and to contribute socially in some way.

So, a few "resolutions" for now until the new year.

I'm spinning, knitting, weaving from my stash or others'.

Many friends are on fiber diets, and it's actually neat what creative juices flow when you have to work within the confines of your current stash!

I'm donating 10% of my gross sales to the Ottawa Food Bank.

My kids are picky eaters, and it seems like every night I have to explain that some kids don't have enough to eat. A fellow knitter in Ottawa (hianja on Ravelry) donates her profits from cool market bags to Harmony House for women, so I'm following her lead. And the Food Bank helps make sure that no food goes to waste by sourcing food that otherwise may be thrown out. I also found out that for every dollar donated, $5 dollars worth of food is distributed to the community. They distribute 12 tons of food a day. That's a lot.

Postscript: Clearly running business is an organic evolving process. The way I want to move forward is sometimes inconsistent with the decisions I have made in the past. Case in point: Encouraging people to knit from their stash is not going to move the yarn in my stock room of the shelves!

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