Monday, July 6, 2009

Danger Will Robinson...

Oh no. Not another wonderful thing that feels right.

I chose one of Ashford's Knitter's Looms as a demo model for OVFA (Ottawa Valley Fiber Arts). I had spun up some Dorset singles in peacock colours, and decided to try my hand at weaving. Today, I realized I had not saved enough singles before plying to finish my scarf. *le sigh* So, I have part of a scarf.

I can weave! It is relaxing, like spinning, and rhythmic. And for someone a little impatient like me, more gratifying than knitting. Here is a picture of my first woven item. I anticipate more in the future. I think ragz or anabanana from ravelry had suggested a need to focus on projects and not just spinning. Or was it knitgeekery. Too many cool ladies to tell...

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