Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ottawa meet up

It might not be a good sign when you walk into a cafe and realize that it is the first time you have been out socially in the evening since your two year old was born. *sigh*

Not only was spinning the absolutely right thing for me, but clearly its people are too. I spent the evening with a bunch of knitters, spinners, weavers and generally cool people. I haven't felt more at home with mostly strangers in a very long time.

After an almond roca latte I spent the evening working on my scarf, woven with Mermaid's pleasure thickly spun from an art batt by stellalunag on Ravelery. Ana had spun up the "mystery fiber" confirmed to be wool/silk blend by hilltopfiber in a beautiful shade of lime green. I must spend more time spinning in order to approach that level of skill.

Meeting hilltopfiber was nice. It is really all her fault. I picked up her drop spindle kit earlier this year, which is what sent me into the upward spiral that resulted in Ottawa Valley Fiber Arts.

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