Monday, August 10, 2009

Christmas in August!

This week we are back from Beautiful BC and the delivery guys are happy we are here. I don't think a day has gone by without a delivery (or two or three).

So, to update on new goodies which have not made it to the online store (and may not before I go to Almonte's Fibrefest on September 11, 12, 13). So many nice things, and more to come. We have started to finish the basement in earnest to make room for stock and studio (the electrician is there today even!).

More colours of Ashford Silk Merino: Juniper/dark purple (top), Saffron/orange (3rd), and Salvia/blue (6th). $12.00 / 100g. We still have some Peppercorns (5th), Cinnamon (4th) and Mulberry (7th). More Knitter's Looms, and now a Knitter's Loom Stand so that you can weave on your feet.

Various silks from India including Sari silk, Peace Yarn which is spun straight from the cocoon, silk top, silk noile, thowster silk, and silk weaving yarns in 2/20 and 2/60.

Drop spindles, yarn gauges and an orifice hook by a Spinner's Lair from reclaimed hardwood.

The exquisite wares of two handcrafters of spindles, knitting needles, nostepindes and niddy noddies will be joining OVFA soon. These will be on display in Almonte, if not before on the website. Stay tuned for these high demand handcrafted items (that I am in love with, and have for myself already!)

Finally, next week I expect two 70 cm Jane Table Looms from Louet NA to be in stock. Apparently, it is difficult to keep them on the shelves. One will be warped and ready to go at Almonte if you are interested in seeing it!

In other news, the Canadian Fibre Box goes out this weekend. My youngest has been sick this week, which hasn't helped me prepare the newsletter to go with it, but everything is still on schedule! Can't wait to pack, seal and drop in the mail! I hope to be able to put up a feedback site by the end of next week when most of you should be receiving your packages.

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