Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello! It's finally time to send out the first Canadian Fibre Box. I'm happy to be bringing you a Canadian Farm and two fibre artists this month!

We have wool and cedar blocks (to keep the moths away) from Topsy Farms on Amherst Island, Ontario; dyed locks from Penelope Fibres, South Surrey, BC; and handspun yarn from Art-by-Ana, Ottawa, ON.

I hope you enjoy this sampling of Canadian fibre and fibre artistry! Next month, we'll have yarn from another artisan, a new animal fibre, and samples of an essential product for any spinner, knitter, or weaver...

Oh yes, and one of you will find a randomly inserted skein of Apple Laine yarn, hand painted near Ottawa and making its way around North America...

Topsy Farms
Amherst Island, Ontario

topsy lambsI'm really happy to be bringing you Topsy Farms as our first Canadian Fibre Box fibre producer! One of things that drew me to Topsy Farms was their focus on raising their sheep as naturally as possible, caring for and respecting both their flock and the environment.

Topsy Farms is a cooperative, family farm with 5 shareholders contributing from 3 generations. From their flock of breeding sheep they had almost 1000 lambs this year, all by the end of May!

Their spring sheering results in several thousand pounds of raw wool, which they send to a traditional woolen mill in Prince Edward Island to be turned into yarn and other wool products.

Their wool is gently processed, which means you get a close to nature product which you'll find in your fibre box as both carded natural wool, dyed dark green wool and a batt. The carded wool and green wool is as you would receive it directly from Topsy; the batts were created by me from Topsy wool, from both natural and dyed wool.

If you're near Amherst Island, Ontario, visit the Wool Shed in person: If not, visit
Topsy Farms virtually to see all of their products. For Ravelers, there is even a Topsy Farms Ravelry group -- Check it out!

Penelope Fibre Arts
South Surrey, BC
penelope fleece

Thanks for subscribing to the Canadian Fibre Box. I hope you liked this month's contents. If you have any feedback, please send me an email! Interested in being featured in a future box? Let me know! Have a great day

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