Friday, September 25, 2009

And making progress...

I'm well into week two of taking it more gently on my body. Lots of spinning has been happening. Some knitting. Soon, some weaving. I've made progress on my Apple Laine stole that has sat idle since our trip to BC.

I treated myself a few weeks ago to a few art batts from Etsy. It's always nice to work with something that someone else has made. Jahtsemer's batts are lovely, and I've spun up 2 of the three.

I clearly have a preference for bulky singles. Now what to do with them? It's the right time of year to be knitting up warm fuzzies, so I'll raid Ravelry this weekend for ideas. If the weather's good, I'll also take photos before they transform from lovely skeins into their functional pieces.

Soon, to dye up a bunch of yarn in Autumn in Gatineau Park. I'm in love with this colourway and almost out of fiber in it. I shared the last bit of magical merino/silk with a new friend yesterday, and so must replenish my house (and then share on Etsy) with these colours.

And this weekend, completed bits of the Keep the Fleece scarf are sent off to Rhinebeck! The skein to the right is by knitgeekery, which she knit into a lovely scarf piece that I need to photograph post haste!

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