Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's cold outside!

A task for soon is to go around my log home and find all the cracks in the logs. It's clearly getting colder and time to winter proof again!

And time to knit mitts. I found a ball of what I thought was Akapana by Mirasol in the little balls bin at Wool-tyme, and knit it into a wonderfully warm mitten.

The first clue that it was not Akapana should have been that it was too large given the needles and pattern, and likely not a worsted weight yarn!

Any ideas what yarn this is? It feels soft like llama, and has yellow tweedy bits in it...

In other news, spun up some of DaisyLady's wonderful corriedale. Yumm! What a nice way to spend a Saturday. I'm saying goodbye to a Rose today, but it is going to a wonderful home, I'm sure. I'm almost finished weaving in the ends of my orange scarf that appeared in an earlier post.

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