Sunday, October 18, 2009

October's Canadian Fibre Box

I've been really good to myself and my health, and have been mindful to slow things down. I've been doing lots of knitting, spinning, weaving and reading for myself.

But, I'm so passionate about the Fibre Box...I haven't slowed down on that front at all. And I'm re-energized now that 10% of all OVFA sales are going to the Ottawa Food Bank. My business is helping the Canadian Fibre community, and the local community in need. This fits with my value system in a very good way.

This month's boxes are being dropped in the mail today. Above is the yarn in the box, from SweetGeorgia Yarns. It's delicious! Thanks Felicia! Other contributors are Canaan Mohair and Gulf Islands Spinning Mill. To be extra exciting, I added a mini niddy noddy from Houndesign, because Dave's work is really excellent (and Canadian)!

Here's a link to the full newsletter: October's Newsletter. Next month's fibre box contents are already on their way to me from the Prairies.

Have a great week, everyone.
(PS if you want to subscribe, you can order here.)

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