Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life's like that...

My wonderful other half and I sorted out shares of Canadian Fibre last night while the kidlets were entranced by Caillou, and I have a stack of boxes in the kitchen ready to mail today.

I'll post the link to the newsletter post haste...just ironing out a few final notes.

So sorry for the delay my fibre box friends. Kidlets with colds, and my own arthritis has decided to make a cosier acquaintance with me of late. The crocheting I have been doing is keeping my fingers nimble but I can't seem to beat the fatigue! There was a wonderful article in the Spring Spin Off about the healing aspect of raising sheep, and how wonderful it is to bury your face into the fleece of your own sheep and smell the lanolin. I need to go find a sheep farmer soon, I think!

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