Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hey everyone! Any fibre resolutions out there?

This year, I'm planning on learning a sheep a month. Stay tuned for a monthly update of what I've learned! I find it fascinating how different breeds have such different qualities, and am going to explore this more formally (and publicly).

In other news, the January Fibre Box is going out this weekend. The newsletter is posted here.

Also, I have a new banner, which I love.

And finally, I must say, this love affair with fibre keeps me sane. Anyone else feel the same?


  1. Love the new banner (must go visit etsy to arrange for a new one myself). No resolutions, except to enjoy what I do the way I want to do it and not do things because they will sell.

    Sanity is good.

  2. Yes, I agree to the doing what you want and not because they will sell! Luckily for me, OVFA is my passion not my lifeline to the bank, so I have that freedom! Thanks for the feedback on the banner. Jerise is basking in the feedback...