Friday, January 29, 2010

Kindred spirits through swaps...

So this year I did my first swap on Ravelry...I did a Solstice in December and enjoyed putting the gift together so much that I figured I should give it another go.

I got paired up with someone from St. Paul, Minnesota. I've actually flown through there, and stayed for a week in Rochester, MN, to visit the Mayo. The folks there are fabulous (as is the bead store, the Nordic Gypsy). Laughingheir seemed just perfect - cheeky and she shared my taste in yarn, so much that we have the same skein of Misti Alpaca sock yarn!

Today I got my package. I hope she gets hers soon! Canada Post, please be kind and quick! My goodies are posted here. I think the theme is truly Minnesota. Gorgeous singles in orange (my favourite colour!), a carrot (long story!), two candy bars (seem to be manufactured in MN), and two lovely bags...I am thoroughly spoiled. Thanks laughingheir, so are fabulous!

With the world wide web, the world can be so small, and so easy to meet good likeminded people. Fibre is a great thing to share.

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